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© 2019, Portfolio By Liel Krispin

Kalab – solutions to lone soldiers

Kalab - Solutions for Lone Soldiers, in collaboration with Shir Mordechai.

As a past combat soldier in the IDF (Shaked 442, Givati), I always knew lone soldiers that left to go home after two difficult weeks and had no place to go which many times led to holidays alone or Weekend without the family atmosphere, This project certainly has sentimental value for me.

A little bit about Kalab - there was a moment that we understood how much easier it would be for a lone soldier if there was a platform that existed that could help find a host family or family help that they don’t have in their day to day life, without help from commanders or friends, And from here we opened the digital concept that families that want to help and lone soldiers can sign up for- every soldier can find the most appropriate family for the weekend, holiday or professional/economical help.

So, we started to design, the top values being unity and sharing which are expressed in the symbolic combination of the house and conversation logo - which is basically what the platform provides for the lone soldier, the combination of the green and blue colors symbolize an army in front of the civilian.

Guidance: Anat Saacks