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© 2019, Portfolio By Liel Krispin

Kontour – Designers in the periphery

Contour - Designers in the Periphery - Think outside the center, in collaboration with Shir Mordechai

As part of our study of peripheral design and its problem source versus centre, we understand that one of the reasons that the level of marketing and self-promotion of designers in the periphery is deficient compared to designers in the centre - We decided to raise our hands and set up a platform that advertises only for designers located in the North, And beyond the main goal that is to advertise graphic designers and slowly and to motivate people to undersigned that there are places to stop their first instincts to turn directly to designers in Center because they have a higher level of leads.

The project included concept development and branding and graphic language building (including print and digital), As the “X” symbol is an image of a landmark of finding a treasure in one place, in our case: at the edges (in the periphery), the image symbolises precisely the conclusion of our study of the peripheral design field- which is high-level design in the periphery, you just need to find it.

Guidance: Irit Adar