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Seat2Seat – Seating and event management

Seat2Seat - Event management and seating

Seat2Seat, headed by Tsuriel Iskov and Gilad Mazor, provides a simple and smart solution to management and seating crowd for large events, Today, there are many companies that work in the seat management for events, but Seat2Seat took the field one step forward and made a Smart Machine that gives to every person in the crowd their exact seat by way of their full name, The machine stands at the entrance of the auditorium and saves the mess, Because there are no physical workers and the machine manages the seating, the price comes at a lower rate.

The values that led to the branding are prominence, order and intelligence, The typography in the logo was designed especially for the brand and in accordance with the monogram design of the letter “A” which is symbolically combined with a chair.