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© 2019, Portfolio By Liel Krispin

Sensor – Paint colors by emotions

Sensor - Colors of Feeling and Emotion

Color is a lot more than something pretty, Color can convey a certain sense and soak up a certain atmosphere in the space we’re in, That is the conclusion of Sensor - the produce and market colours by the feeling they convey and not just by the color name, That amazing conclusion can help every house or office, Why not paint a room for a child who’s hyperactive a calming color? And why not paint an office in colors that motivate?

The first conclusion for the brand is that color and shape are inseparable, And the question came up why to illustrate color in a generic way if the play can be upgraded with shapes that express the same feeling it conveys? From that conclusion came a full graphic language without formal and colourful rules which made the workflow free and fun, from the typographic logo (with special letters designed to the brand) to the entire language that included print and digital.

Guidance: Noy Naiman
Photographer: Aslan Gosh